Meet Mercedes Ibarra, Our Client of the Quarter

Meet Mercedes Ibarra, Our Client of the Quarter Mercedes joined The Dynamic Advantage over two and a half years ago in January 2015, after learning about the gym in 2013 when she attended the breast cancer awareness conference, "Silver Saturday," at the Pasadena Cancer Support Community. Mercedes said, “Rick Caputo gave a presentation on the benefits of Dynamic Strength Training for cancer … [Read more...]

Client of the Quarter- Jerry Minor

Jerry says that since he started with this fitness program, his “energy level and attitude have improved significantly”.  As he pauses to think about what has changed about his body since he started Dynamic Strength Training (DST) in Eagle Rock, he says, “My strength has improved by about 15% over the last year.  It’s much easier to start my day with a bounce and a smile because I’m leaner, my … [Read more...]

Clients of the Month – Sharon Bassett and Pat Giermann

It was back on November 30, 2007 when Sharon Bassett and Pat Giermann took the advice of another client and decided that The Dynamic Advantage was the place for them to get in shape as they moved down the age timeline.  Since then, they have trained with their coaches in every setting, including solo, Dynamic Strength Training small groups and now, as a dynamic duo! The ladies have made a … [Read more...]

Client of the Month May 2016

Meet Power Couple and Clients of the Month Wayne & Michele Anderson It's not often when a married couple exercises together for an extended period of time. We have been fortunate to have our clients of the month, Michele and Wayne Anderson, doing just that for eight years! They are two of the strongest members of our fitness family. The Andersons were referred to us by current client … [Read more...]

Client of the month

Meet our Client of the Month – Jonah Ray Rodrigues Having a business in the Los Angeles area offers exposure to people from all walks of life.  This month, The Dynamic Advantage recognizes Jonah Ray, a young man who has developed a unique career as a comedic actor, writer and producer.  Here’s a little Question & Answer session with Jonah about his experience with Dynamic Strength … [Read more...]

Client of the Month – July/August 2015

When you receive a cancer diagnosis, your perspective on life immediately changes.  This happened to Mary back in 2000.  We met her at the first ever Return To Wellness program at Arcadia Methodist Hospital.  This was an eight-week grant-funded program that was a partnership between the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the Cancer Support Community of Pasadena.   Mary came there looking for some of … [Read more...]

Meet Our Client of the Month – Marcia Behar

Marcia was the owner of her busy, demanding gift basket business back in 2003 when she met Rick Caputo of The Dynamic Advantage at one of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce’s monthly meetings.  She realized her stress levels were increasing while she was beginning to feel more out of shape.   After getting to know more about Rick and his philosophy about fitness, she decided to give Dynamic Strength … [Read more...]

Client of the Month – February & March 2015

Meet Our Client of the Month – Ruth Slater Ruth came to The Dynamic Advantage (TDA) following an extremely stressful life event; the passing of her husband, Gene in 2010. After this happened, she quickly realized she had to do something about helping herself get healthier and feel stronger. Two other long-time clients, Susan and Marty Kaplan, referred her to TDA. Ruth says, “My strength, … [Read more...]

Clients of the Month – December & January

Meet Our Clients of the Month – Joni and John Crummett It was 2007 when Joni Crummett decided she needed to exercise on a more regular basis, other than just walking. She was leaning toward Pilates when she discovered The Dynamic Advantage through an ad in the local Clipper Magazine. She came in for  a consultation with Brandon Flowers and committed herself to a 2x/week Dynamic Strength … [Read more...]

Client of The Month – October & November 2014

Meet Our Client of the Month – Mac Reid Mac Reid has been a leader in our Dynamic Strength Training program for almost ten years.  After watching his wife, Anita continue making gains in her fitness level over the previous two years, he thought it was time to get off the sidelines and enter the game. He has been consistently training in one or two Dynamic Strength Training groups twice weekly … [Read more...]

Client of the Month – August & September 2014

Meet Our Client of the Month – Julie Clayton   Julie was referred to us back in June 2012 and came in reporting that her balance was not nearly as stable as it should be plus she was consistently battling sciatic nerve pain.  Additionally, she had started to lose muscular strength and bone density through the years.   With her instability and susceptibility to falling, her risk of suffering a … [Read more...]

Client of the Month – June & July 2014

Meet Our Client of the Month – Christine Alderette This month, we recognize Christine and introduce you to her as she tells us what she’s accomplishing through her personal Dynamic Strength Training program. I just had my one-year anniversary with The Dynamic Advantage in May. Before starting my training program, I was in the process of recovering from a very severe multiple sclerosis … [Read more...]

Client of the Month – April & May 2014

Meet Our Clients of the Month – Shirley Donovan and Audrey Adolph Shirley and Audrey have been part of The Dynamic Advantage family for a combined 30 years! They are on a twice-weekly group training program. Shirley met Brandon in 1995 at Gold’s Gym in Pasadena when another former client referred her to him. Audrey was recruited by Shirley in 2003 to give Dynamic Strength Training a try. … [Read more...]

Client Of The Month – February-March 2014

Ray Matthews,  M. D. We first met Dr. Matthews on Thanksgiving Day 1998 at the La Canada 5K Turkey Trot.  He saw us performing Dynamic Strength Training® at our booth when he came by, liked what he saw and scheduled an appointment for us to meet with him and his wife, Dr. Susan Stein, to start a home-based fitness program for her. After watching his wife make progress for about six months, he … [Read more...]

Client of the Month – January 2014

Meet Our Client of the Month for January – Jennifer MacLean It was January 2013 when Jennifer came to The Dynamic Advantage looking for some “nice, wildlife-free indoor workouts”.  She had experienced random coyote sightings in her neighborhood that made consistent walking for cardiovascular benefits a bit treacherous, plus she was lacking the willpower to even prioritize this in her life. When … [Read more...]

Meet Bruce Smith – Our December Client of the Month

Bruce started exercising with The Dynamic Advantage in January of 2013. He met Rick Caputo at a Cancer Support Community Dynamic Strength Training session where he was working toward rebuilding his strength after undergoing a stem-cell transplant treatment for a chronic form of leukemia. When it became clear that a second transplant was necessary, he realized how critical it was for him to get on … [Read more...]

Client of the Month – November 2013

 Meet Our Clients of the Month  Renate Kerris and Greg Longenecker   Sometimes it takes one member of the family to blaze a trail for others to follow.  This month, we recognize Renate Kerris and her hubby Greg Longenecker for their consistency and commitment to their Dynamic Strength Training (DST) program. Renate discovered The Dynamic Advantage while attending a group … [Read more...]

Client of the Month – October 2013

Meet Our October Client of the Month – Marilyn Sell   Marilyn officially started getting fit with us back in May 2004 after accompanying a good friend to our volunteer Dynamic Strength Training program at the Cancer Support Community in Pasadena for a short time.  She soon realized that she was greatly benefitting from the sessions and wanted more intensity so she joined us in Eagle Rock for a … [Read more...]

Client of the Month-August & September 2013

Meet our client of the month – Bob Rulec! Bob started training with us in October 2011 when his wife, Sandra, who had been with The Dynamic Advantage for one year, thought he could benefit from receiving some proper direction, guidance and motivation to help him stay fit. Bob is an architect who spends many long hours bent over a drafting table or a computer keyboard. Fortunately, for his … [Read more...]

Client of the Month-July 2013

Here’s Vicki Schiller-Our July Client of the Month Vicki has come a long way since she started getting fit with us back in August of 2011.  She presently comes to two Dynamic Strength Training sessions every week.  When she came to us, she said “I’ve never really been a person who gravitated to exercise other than a little walking”.  Vicki had been dealing with fibromyalgia, a condition that … [Read more...]

Client of the Month-June 2013

Meet Our Client of the Month!!! Jo Westervelt! We first met Jo in the summer of 1998 at Gold’s Gym in Pasadena, where she had been with another trainer for a while. When he left the area, she was referred to us. We are extremely thankful for that! Jo has exercised privately with us two or three days/week since August of 1998. When asked why she remains consistent and committed to her … [Read more...]

Client of The Month-May 2013

Meet Chris Rogers, Los Angeles County Chief of Forensic Medicine who has been part of our fitness family since May 2004. He consistently trains with us privately three times per week for thirty minutes per session. He is highly focused during his training sessions and that has been a major contributing factor in his success. He is able to complete 30-35 sets of exercises in his half hour … [Read more...]

Client Of the Month-April 2013

Meet Janet Wong from Glendale. We met her in 1997 at a health fair we hosted in La Canada. Another client, Susie Tanahashi, referred her to us. Janet was a 50-something year old youngster at the time who was dealing with right shoulder pain resulting from a condition known as frozen shoulder. She had been through six months of very painful therapy and didn’t want to go through that again. In … [Read more...]