Meet Our Client Ruth Slater

Ruth came to The Dynamic Advantagruth slater edite (TDA) following an extremely stressful life event; the passing of her husband, Gene in 2010. After this happened, she quickly realized she had to do something about helping herself get healthier and feel stronger. Two other long-time clients, Susan and Marty Kaplan, referred her to TDA.

Ruth says, “My strength, posture and balance have improved significantly in my 4-1/2 years with Dynamic Strength Training. When I started, I was barely able to hold my head up while doing abdominal crunches. However, I soon found that my neck muscles had strengthened so much that I no longer had to support my head with my hands. Balance had also been a problem for me, resulting in occasional falls. Now, I successfully catch myself and overcome these potential problems.”

The program best suited for her needs ended up being a hybrid one consisting of one 45-minute private session plus one group training session every week. About 2-1/2 years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Ruth had a mastectomy followed by chemotherapy. However, due to her persistence and confidence in her doctors, trainers and the program she had been following, there was barely a pause in her commitment to remaining active. Ruth goes on to say, “The staff, especially Craig Schoenbaum and Brandon Flowers, always helps me adjust my activities as needed. But, I believe that because of their encouragement and the wonderful people in my group, my body healed much more quickly than it would have without that support.”

Ruth’s muscular strength and exercise mechanics have improved dramatically since she started. Her dumbbell squat resistance was a pair of 3-lb dumbbells initially. Now, she regularly uses 9-lb dumbbells with excellent technique and control.

She goes on to say, “I must add that I never enjoyed exercising, but Dynamic Strength Training has become part of my routine because I know how effective it is. And because maintaining a healthy body requires exercise, my twice-a-week sessions have become part of my must do activities”. Ruth is even planning an international trip to Europe with one of her granddaughters in April.

The Dynamic Advantage is grateful to have the opportunity to help her stay healthier and more fit for life!