Corporate Dynamic Strength Training

A Fit Work Force = A Happy Work Force = A Productive Work Force!

If you work in a white or blue collar job, it’s likely that you are doing something on a daily basis that keeps you sedentary. You may be on a computer or perhaps you are performing other repetitious tasks. In either case or in others similar to this, your activity level, posture and strength tend to suffer progressively over time as your body fat increases!Inactivity leads to weight gain and loss of muscle mass which can diminish your quality of life.

For a very economical cost per employee based on a group rate, we can bring Dynamic Strength Training® to your San Gabriel Valley, CA – area work place. We will furnish all of the elastic resistance tubing and accessories necessary to safely and efficiently challenge all ages in groups up to twenty. This will beaccomplished in only forty-five minutes per session!

Everyone will receive personalized attention while exercising in the comfortable, loose-fitting attire of his or her choice. Getting fit together can be an ultimate team building experience, which can last indefinitely. Additionally, research has shown that an increased level of fitness can boost your immune system and thereby reduce absenteeism.