Zoom Dynamic Strength Training

Come join us online as you learn how to improve your fitness with a limited amount of easy-to-use exercise gear which will help you achieve high tech results.  All you’ll need is a strength level set of elastic resistance tubing, a sturdy, secure door which will serve as an anchor point for your equipment, a few square feet of open space to perform free-standing exercises plus the willingness to log onto Zoom two or three days per week for your supervised group coaching.  

We have developed a series of verbal cues which enable us to successfully coach you with positive words that guide you with corrective phrases while continually reinforcing what you’re doing right.

Here are some of the highlights and benefits:

**Develop and maintain your lean muscle while boosting your energy.

**No masks are ever required or necessary.

**Social distancing is NOT required.

**Get fit in the comfort and safety of your own home with your own portable exercise equipment.

**Discover how elastic resistance tubing can safely and effectively boost your strength, for life. 

**Improve your posture and balance.

**Receive leading edge, personalized exercise instruction from your coaches with over 25 years of experience training clients having a wide range of medical conditions and fitness levels.

**Get your full body workout in under 45 minutes.

**Improve the way your body looks and feels for less than $30 per session based on a monthly commitment.


Here’s what others are saying about their online training experience:

  • **”My family has been working with The Dynamic Advantage for about a year and this is a great program.  Due to COVID-19, we continue to participate in the Zoom training program which has been effective.  The coach observes your workout using your camera and gives you feedback and corrections as needed.  We were amazed at what can be done with such simple equipment.  We highly recommend this program for a lifetime of good health!” – D. Remba
  • ”Wonderful exercise experience.  I got what I was looking for; personalized service and a friendly environment with expert staff.  I hadn’t exercised regularly for some time.  Most importantly I needed to develop strength and energy for the future.  A big thank you to Brandon and Rick for getting me back in the “saddle” and keeping me there! “- L. Thomas
  • ”If there is any good that has come out of this pandemic, I would say virtually working out with you and the team is up there all by itself in the number one spot!  Forget about baking, cooking, cleaning, gardening, reading, watching TV, etc, etc. it’s working out with you and the rest of the DST team almost everyday that I enjoy.  Also, getting the “up close and personal” feeling of being in the studio is really great!” – S. Takata

In addition to a Zoom account and a video camera, all you’ll need to get started is a Strength Level 1, 2 or 3 Set of elastic resistance tubing plus an introductory Zoom consultation to get you set up and evaluate your training space options.

If maintaining your health and fitness during this once-in-a-lifetime crisis and beyond is important to you, please give us a call at 626-314-2588 or email us at bef@dynamicstrength.com.  Let’s discover a plan to help you get started and discover the difference a personalized Dynamic Strength Training program can have on your life.