Meet Our Client Marcia Behar

Marcia was the owner of her busy, demanding gift basket business back in 2003 when she met Rick Caputo of The Dynamic Advantage at one of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce’s monthly meetings.  She realized her stress levels were increasing while she was beginning to feel more out of shape.   After getting to know more about Rick and his philosophy about fitness, she decided to give Dynamic Strength … [Read more...]

Meet Our Client Ruth Slater

Ruth came to The Dynamic Advantage (TDA) following an extremely stressful life event; the passing of her husband, Gene in 2010. After this happened, she quickly realized she had to do something about helping herself get healthier and feel stronger. Two other long-time clients, Susan and Marty Kaplan, referred her to TDA. Ruth says, “My strength, posture and balance have improved significantly in … [Read more...]

Meet Ray Matthews

We first met Dr. Matthews on Thanksgiving Day 1998 at the La Canada 5K Turkey Trot.  He saw us performing Dynamic Strength Training® at our booth when he came by, liked what he saw and scheduled an appointment for us to meet with him and his wife, Dr. Susan Stein, to start a home-based fitness program for her. After watching his wife make progress for about six months, he decided to try out our … [Read more...]

Meet Renate Kerris and Greg Longenecker

Sometimes it takes one member of the family to blaze a trail for others to follow.  This month, we recognize Renate Kerris and her hubby Greg Longenecker for their consistency and commitment to their Dynamic Strength Training (DST) program. Renate discovered The Dynamic Advantage while attending a group facilitator orientation meeting in 2004 at the Cancer Support Community where she met Brandon … [Read more...]

Meet Our Client  Marilyn Sell

Marilyn officially started getting fit with us back in May 2004 after accompanying a good friend to our volunteer Dynamic Strength Training program at the Cancer Support Community in Pasadena for a short time.  She soon realized that she was greatly benefitting from the sessions and wanted more intensity so she joined us in Eagle Rock for a 2x or 3x/week program. Her progress has been quite … [Read more...]

Meet Our Client Chris Rogers

Meet Chris Rogers, Los Angeles County Chief of Forensic Medicine who has been part of our fitness family since May 2004. He consistently trains with us privately three times per week for thirty minutes per session. He is highly focused during his training sessions and that has been a major contributing factor in his success. He is able to complete 30-35 sets of exercises in his half hour … [Read more...]