Meet Renate Kerris and Greg Longenecker

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Sometimes it takes one member of the family to blaze a trail for others to follow.  This month, we recognize Renate Kerris and her hubby Greg Longenecker for their consistency and commitment to their Dynamic Strength Training (DST) program.

Renate discovered The Dynamic Advantage while attending a group facilitator orientation meeting in 2004 at the Cancer Support Community where she met Brandon Flowers.  Following a brief conversation about her own health and fitness needs, she decided that it was time to address the effects that aging was having on her body.  She felt that DST was right for her and joined two groups per week for her personalized fitness program.

During her 9-1/2 years as a member, she has noticed significant improvements in her strength, endurance and balance.  Renate says, “Problems heal more quickly because I am overall more fit.  This was especially obvious last spring when Greg and I went on a two-week family trip to Germany and France.  Lots of walking on cobblestone streets, going up and down spiral staircases, carrying suitcases and hurrying to catch planes and trains was daily fare.  Best of all, we were able to keep up with the younger members of our family!”

It took Greg, a poet specializing in Japanese Haiku, a little longer to get started with his program, but in November of 2010, with Renate’s influence, he felt like it was time to focus more on getting himself in shape and addressing his persistent lower back pain.  Greg says, “I have been very impressed with all the trainers on the staff and the way they’ve helped me work through my back problems while increasing my strength and sense of balance.  More importantly, I can walk further and confidently enjoy other activities as well due to my increased coordination.”

Greg and Renate say they really enjoy the camaraderie and friendships that have developed with the other group members and the staff.  Additionally, they value the fact that their coaches “adhere to the same philosophy while giving them individualized attention during their sessions”.  They feel like it’s critical they protect their schedules and continue to prioritize their twice-weekly sessions because they know how much DST adds to their lives.  

We thank and appreciate this husband and wife team for their dedication to the process of staying fit!