“I have been a client of the Dynamic Advantage for almost 20 years.  I have experienced both their one-on-one fitness training and their small group fitness training.  The team at the Dynamic Advantage is wonderful.  They are knowledgeable, friendly and positive.  The other strength clients in the groups are friendly and we are all a part of a family growing strong together.  Each session also stresses exercises that challenge our balance which is so important as we age.  If someone has an injury or an orthopedic challenge, the trainer knows which exercises that individual cannot do and provides alternatives.  The dynamic strength training has helped me to become stronger and it has improved my balance.”

Anne Marie Johnson

Member since 1999


“It’s the ONLY gym or exercise program I’ve ever stayed with this long – about 3 yrs!  I hope to keep attending sessions here for many years to come!   I’ve become much stronger and firmer which was one of my main goals!  

What do I like?  Small classes and the option for personal sessions.  The efficiency of the workouts. The atmosphere and vibe.  The dedicated and well trained owners and associates.
The attentive, caring attitude of all the DA team!

You all are the best!”

Lynne Thomas

Member since 2014


“Cannot praise the Dynamic Advantage team trainers more highly!   I love the flexibility and availability of classes, the enthusiasm and helpfulness of the staff and the spotless facility.  They’ve helped me through various injuries and always find ways to accommodate my needs by adapting the workouts.   Classes are available 6 days a week which is a major bonus also!”

Joni Crummett

Member since 2007


“The fitness program at Dynamic Advantage was perfect for me. I knew I needed a way to improve my strength and flexibility and this works for me. The friendly and supportive trainers keep the sessions varied and fun, and after just a few weeks, 2 sessions a week, I could really feel the difference. If you want to look and feel better – at any age – check out their program, and you’ll find it’s a pretty easy way – and economical – to make a real difference.”

Michael Berman

Member since 2017


“Many thanks to the clean, efficient, friendly, and functional Dynamic Advantage crew for steering me towards a stronger and more flexible body.  Scheduling is very easy.  The instructors are very knowledgable, fun, and friendly.  The equipment and gym is always clean and bright.  I enjoy every workout and consider them a mainstay of my monthly schedule.”

Jerry Minor

Member since 2016


“The Dynamic Advantage team are the best personal trainers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Participants in their program work at their own pace and at their own intensity level to improve strength, balance and muscle tone while being coached on correct form and encouraged to continue their effort. The friendly, supportive climate of each class  enables participants to leave feeling stronger, more energetic and happier. Brandon, Rick and their staff are the best of the best.”

Bess Minor

Member since 2017


“I have been in Rick and Brandon’s twice a week training classes held at my company for over 3 years.    I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to train with two great instructors and feel that my overall strength and fitness has really improved since joining their class.  The exercises use elastic bands of varying resistance to accomplish the same results that you would get with weights or exercise machines.   I’m sure that with consistent training anyone would get the same results from their exercise regimen.”

Peter K.

Member since 2014


“The Dynamic Advantage team are the best personal trainers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Participants in their program work at their own pace and at their own intensity level to improve strength, balance and muscle tone while being coached on correct form and encouraged to continue their effort. The friendly, supportive climate of each class  enables participants to leave feeling stronger, more energetic and happier. Brandon, Rick and their staff are the best of the best.”

Linda Garberson

Member since 2014


“I have been strength training at my place of employment with Rick and Brandon since they started the program there in 2003.  They are true pros–they make sure participants use good form, progress steadily, and work all major muscle groups.  Improving my strength has helped me in all of my other activities–hiking, biking, skiing, etc.  Highly recommended!”

Michael Klein

Member since 2003


“I have known these outstanding gentlemen for 18 years.  Eighteen years ago, as part of my recovery from cancer treatment, I started Brandon and Rick’s strength training class at the Cancer Support Community in Pasadena.  We were all at various points of recovery and they adapted the exercises for all of us.  I felt so cared for, they were my family.  I am indebted to them for a big part of my recovery and healthy attitude.  Rick and Brandon have been volunteering their time non-stop, at the Cancer Support Community in Pasadena for the past 20 years.  They were recently honored by the Cancer Support Community with a lovely party.
They are the best!”

Holly Rundberg

Member since 1999


“I’ve been involved with Dynamic Strength for a number of years and am a very satisfied customer.  Over this period of time both my strength and my quality of life have improved significantly.  Brandon and Rick are well-qualified instructors, patient, and thorough with beginners of all ages. If you are interested in upper body strength I highly recommend The Dynamic Advantage.”

Pat Esposito

Member since 2003


“Been working with Brandon & Rick for a few years now.  They are very knowledgeable and keep you motivated.

Highly recommended them!”

Robert Marinovich

Member since 2008


“My wife and I attend The Dynamic Advantage twice a week. I’ve been going for almost 7 years and she’s been going twice that long. It’s a great place to keep fit and have a good time doing it. The staff are all very helpful, friendly and professional.  Plus the other class members are always welcoming. We’re so glad we joined Dynamic Advantage!”

Greg Longenecker

Member since 2011


“I love these people, they have gotten my body into great shape after years of neglect. I have a schedule that is impossible to predict, they have been flexible and understanding. Can’t recommend highly enough. Julie A”

Julie Anne Robinson

Member since 2015


“I have been working out with these fitness professionals for 13 years. I am strong, have excellent balance, and great energy. I hated the traditional gym but I love my workouts with the resistance bands, ball and free weights in this pleasant fitness studio. The trainers keep it interesting and accommodate my limitations. They are so knowledgeable and detail-oriented I am always sure that I am doing all of the workouts correctly for the very best outcome. This has been one of the best investments that I have ever made for my health. Thank you, Dynamic Advantage!”

Marcia Behar

Member since 2004


“I started with Dynamic Advantage 6 years ago at the Cancer Support Community in Pasadena. I remember my first visit. They had me sit in a chair to do the exercises as i was not strong enough to do them standing and my balance was so “off”. 
They made me feel so cared for and important to them. Now i go to their studio in Eagle Rock. I owe a great part of my physical and mental recovery to Brandon and Rick. They always pick up on the little things such as a sore knee or hip and instruct me on other ways to do the exercises as not to agrevate the injury.
I strongly encourage anyone who is looking for a strength training program that is professional and designed just for your needs to look into Dynamic Strength Training.”

Kathleen Corkum

Member since  2013


“Best gym in the universe. Individual care. They healed my bad shoulders!”

Lisa Moore

Member since 2010


“For 14 years I trained one day a week in my home with Brandon.  He always arrived on time with all equipment needed for my workout.  Training was tailored to my evolving strength and balance, with appropriate, thoughtful modifications for the rare occasion when I had an injury.
January, 2013 I changed to group workouts at the new, beautiful, air conditioned, well organized studio twice a week and have come to know the other trainers.  Although Brandon will, understandably, always be my favorite, the other trainers provide well-focused, thoughtfully assembled workouts.  Working out in a group with people who are focused on keeping fit and trainers who keep us on track has been important.”

Mary Gandsey

Member since 1999


“I’ve been working out at Dynamic Advantage for seven years, and I still love it.  Right now my sessions are only in small group with Rick and Brandon, but over the years I’ve had individual sessions and worked with the whole team, and they’re all great.  The sessions are small (6 or 8 people), so the trainers can make sure everyone is doing the exercises correctly (no injuries!) and pushing themselves hard enough to get results (without “day-after” pain!).   Everyone goes at their own pace, even though we’re all doing the exercises together.  Most important, when someone in the group is out for any reason, we miss them, and we’re missed – I find this helpful in staying committed.  

Rick and Brandon really know what they’re talking about, and they appreciate the “challenges and opportunities” of being physically fit over fifty.  These folks have helped me through an auto accident and a surgery, modifying exercises to keep me safe and still healing.  If I could afford it – I’m now retired — , I would sign up for individual sessions again.   All my friends think I’m 10 years younger than I actually am (which is 65).  I can’t say enough good things about my experience.”

Alex Alexander

Member since 2006


“I came to Dynamic Advantage upon completing physical therapy for shoulder surgery. I wanted safe, expert guidance as I continued to regain strength in my upper body. In the past I’d attended Rick’s spin classes at other gyms and knew he is an expert technician when it comes to alignment and safety in exercise. I highly recommend the Dynamic Advantage team–for those recovering from injuries, I can’t imagine finding a better place to transition from physical therapy to strength training.”

Cissy Rogers

Member since 2013


“Since I feel like I spend half my life at Boom School of Music next door I was very aware of when the Dynamic Advantage went in next door last fall.  I was trying to get back into some kind of fitness program, but I couldn’t muster up any willpower to even get myself to take a walk up and down the block despite all kinds of promises to myself of what I could have if I did it. Plus, the random coyote sightings in my ‘hood made me feel like I would prefer some nice, wildlife-free indoor workouts.

Initially when I found out it was strength training I felt  like, “Well, it’s something, but I guess I’ll still have to sweat it up someplace else.”  I had never really done strength training and I am SO IMPRESSED with this program. I love that the trainers have lots of experience with injuries and can easily modify things so that everyone can participate without feeling like a dud. When I injured my shoulder in the spring I was able to continue working out with modifications so I kept going back.  My back is in better shape than it has ever been which is a godsend given two children who love to use me as a jungle gym.

Also, I love that all the trainers each has their own distinct personalities and they try to keep it light.  I am regularly inspired by my other workout mates who, while older than me, are regularly smiling when they pick up 25 lb. dumbells and do squats.  I am still working my way up to 15 lbs. so I am a firm believer in this program. Thanks to Brandon, Rick, Craig, Marlene and Jazzy!”

Jen MacClean

Member since 2013


“In June of 2006, I signed up for the The Dynamic Advantage strenght training program. Special thanks  to Brandon, Craig, Marlene and Rick,  The Dynamic Advantage team fitness leaders,  for giving me the focus I need to be strong in mind, body and to take on life’s challenges. These individuals have helped me become the person I am today.  Be strong for life!”

Debby Prohias

Member since 2006


“The Staff at Dynamic Advantage are very knowledgeable and friendly.  I really enjoy my weekly class.  Making my body strong and getting my balance in sync is a goal for me and the Staff is great at helping me do it.”

Paula Hanson

Member since 2013


“I have trained with Rick and Brandon twice a week for the past 6 years. I would highly recommend training with Rick and Brandon; they are great at what they do.”

Masoud Jafari

Member since 2007


“I have been attending a twice weekly class at my place of business with Rick and Brandon for many years now, and have come to regard it as one of the best perks of this job. My workday is more productive, I sleep better, and if I miss a class I feel the difference. The workouts are fun and effective, time well spent.
Several years ago, sudden onset arthritis crimped my very active outdoor lifestyle, traditional gyms were out, and I lost considerable muscle mass and strength. A few months after starting this program, along with yoga, the symptoms were nearly gone. Muscle mass and strength are returning and, short of some extremes, normal life is returning. In health, with injury, and after surgery, Brandon and Rick have been amazing at customizing my workouts to accommodate my situation even in the class environment, and the results are impressive.”

Michael Garrett

Member since 2012


“Been going to Dynamic Advantage for several months and have seen improved strengh, which in turn has improved my self-confidence.  Brandon, Rick and  Craig have led the group workouts on the twice a week schedule I attend and all three have been outstanding in their knowledge of building strength, equipment and proper exercises for any aches I may have.”

Anne Leach

Member since 2013