Meet Our Client  Marilyn Sell

Marilyn SellMarilyn officially started getting fit with us back in May 2004 after accompanying a good friend to our volunteer Dynamic Strength Training program at the Cancer Support Community in Pasadena for a short time.  She soon realized that she was greatly benefitting from the sessions and wanted more intensity so she joined us in Eagle Rock for a 2x or 3x/week program.

Her progress has been quite remarkable!   She’s evolved into being one of the strongest group training clients we have.  Her consistency has led her to becoming a much more polished golfer.  She also walks around the Rose Bowl (over 3 miles!) frequently and is an avid traveler and season ticket holder to six sports at USC.

Marilyn says, “I am able to lift a 25lb sack of potatoes or bag of cat food with ease.  I can hit the golf ball farther than I could a few years ago.  I am able to go up and down stadium steps more easily than others my age.  Also, I enjoy walking on a raised curb, acting like a kid with my grandsons, without stumbling or falling off!”  We should also mention that Marilyn has recovered from a serious micro fracture surgery procedure on her knee about 1-1/2 years ago.

Marilyn says she enjoys the social interaction of the participants in her groups along with the joy of working our together.  When discussing why she feels her personal training program is so valuable, she points to the quality of her instruction, specifically with Rick Caputo.  “Rick walks us through the various strength training exercises and has a wonderful way of explaining correct techniques and encouraging each of us.  His knowledge of the human body and applying it to exercise makes our sessions educational as well as beneficial to our well-being.”

Marilyn also is an enamel artist. She goes to workshops around the country to refine her skills.  She even sells her work at a little gallery at the Creative Arts Group in Sierra Madre.

Since her high school days over 50 years when she was a dancer, played field hockey and ice skated she has come to realize how critically important it is to strengthen her body so she can continue to have fun and do as many fun activities as possible. 

We appreciate your persistence and consistent hard work, Marilyn!  Keep the accomplishments coming!