Meet Ray Matthews

Ray Tubing

We first met Dr. Matthews on Thanksgiving Day 1998 at the La Canada 5K Turkey Trot.  He saw us performing Dynamic Strength Training® at our booth when he came by, liked what he saw and scheduled an appointment for us to meet with him and his wife, Dr. Susan Stein, to start a home-based fitness program for her.

After watching his wife make progress for about six months, he decided to try out our program for his own health benefits since he was a very busy interventional cardiologist at a local medical center.

We fast-forward fifteen years and Dr. Matthews is still going strong in many ways.  He’s now the Chief of Clinical Cardiology at USC’s Keck School of Medicine and he consistently trains with our team twice weekly at 6am in the entryway of his home.  Dr Matthews says, “ I make it know to my staff members that short of an emergency, my early morning time on my exercise days is off limits for interruptions.  I’ve discovered that this consistent focus on keeping my body strong is what fuels me to staying alert, energized and on my feet for up to 12 hours a day through surgeries and meetings.”

What is equally impressive are Dr. Matthew’s sustained high levels of strength over the last fifteen years.  He uses his stamina and energy in many ways.   He reports, “I’ve been able to recover from injuries to my legs, keep myself very resistant to sickness and keep up a running and cycling regimen in spite of my busy, demanding work schedule.  Our three kids have gone from elementary school ages to college and even one college graduate since I started my program.”

Dr. Ray Matthews is a shining example of what can be accomplished by being persistent and committed to staying strong and active for life.  He has said many times that it is critical for us to keep moving as much as possible if we want to stay healthy and tip the longevity scales in our favor.

We thank and appreciate him for his loyalty and congratulate him on his continued accomplishments!