Meet Our Client Marcia Behar

ball wall 5Marcia was the owner of her busy, demanding gift basket business back in 2003 when she met Rick Caputo of The Dynamic Advantage at one of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce’s monthly meetings.  She realized her stress levels were increasing while she was beginning to feel more out of shape.   After getting to know more about Rick and his philosophy about fitness, she decided to give Dynamic Strength Training a closer look to see if she liked it and could benefit.

 After eleven years of consistency, Marcia says, “I am stronger and I have better energy and posture.  I’ve had three knee surgeries, including two replacements, since I started coming here due to pre-existing issues.  My rehab has been successful due to the ongoing strength training I do every week.”


Marcia had previously “worked with a trainer at a large gym and hurt herself following her instructions”.  She even needed physical therapy as a result.  By comparison, Marcia states, “All of the trainers here at TDA are knowledgeable, professional and fun to work out with.  I look forward to my twice a week workouts!  I have gotten leaner and more toned.”

She likes to travel and has taken several trips back to the east coast to visit family plus a very special trip to Cuba a couple of years ago.  She has even inspired two of her friends along with her daughter, Robin, to start their own personalized training program.

We’re thrilled to recognize Marcia for her consistent, persistent effort for over a decade.  She’s a shining example of the road to fitness not having a finish line!