Strength Level 1 Set

Strength Level 2 Set

Strength Level 3 Set

Strength Level 1 Upgrade Package

Strength Level 2 Upgrade Package

Strength Level 1 Upgrade PLUS Package

Strength Level 3 Set

Designed for very active people who require the most options.

This is what we use when traveling! You’ll have strength options ranging from 3 to 90 lbs (with two handles per hand).

Included in your package is two strands of extra-light (Yellow), light (Pink), medium (Green), heavy (Red), extra-heavy (Blue), super-heavy resistance tubing. PLUS two door assist straps and two multi-purpose assist straps.

Informational products include:

Dynamic Strength Training® – “Fitness Anywhere In The      World” instructional DVD.

Where The Rubber Meets The Road – Travel Edition instructional e-book call us and we will email this to you.

Only $184.99