Experience Our NEW Unlimited Dynamic Strength Training® Program

Our unlimited personalized small group coaching plan calls for you to strive towards coming into our Eagle Rock fitness studio for up to three sessions per week on a regular basis.  We realize that there will be weeks where you’ll only be able to come in once or not at all due to the demands of life.  All you need to do is get on our schedule for another couple of days a week when you are available.

The secret to your success lies within the consistent, safe, efficient application of the exercise gear along with the superior quality, personalized coaching and instruction you’ll receive at every fitness training session!  Our clients range in age from the 20s on up to our most veteran client who is 90 years young and plays nine holes of golf every week.

What makes Dynamic Strength Training® different is that anyone can participate due to the use of non-intimidating elastic resistance tubing and accessories such as air-filled stability balls, balance boards and dumbbells that are easily incorporated to challenge your entire body!

Keep in mind that your muscles are essentially blind, therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you use the more traditional dumbbells and weight machines commonly found in large fitness centers, or a piece of low-tech elastic resistance tubing with handles.  Your muscles don’t know what’s in your hands!

Each session offers you strength options ranging from as little as 1.25 pounds to as much as ninety pounds. Your muscles will respond to the force and challenge of having to contract by becoming firmer, leaner and stronger. Additionally, you will improve your balance, posture and bone density at the same time!

Since 2001, we have proudly offered 40-45 minute Dynamic Strength Training programs at our world headquarters in Eagle Rock, CA for small groups of 4-8 people. An attractive feature of these programs is that members like you will experience the benefits of personal fitness training while saving up to 80% off the customary rates for such a service for one person!  The monthly investment ranges from just $179-199 based on the length of your commitment.

Variety in exercise selection and intensity will always be hallmarks of your program because boredom is not an option!  Come experience the difference that micro-progression can have on boosting and maintaining your energy, mobility and muscularity for life!  

Call us at 323-257-8853 or email us at info@dynamicstrength.com.  We would love to invite you in for a consultation and sample Dynamic Strength Training session.