Text Neck Syndrome is a Real Threat to our Health

Text-neck-600x395Text Neck or Tech Neck are terms used to describe a repetitive stress syndrome caused by the exaggerated, forward position of the head relative to the shoulders.  This pattern is becoming prevalent in many people due to the excessive use of computers, tablets and mobile phones.  You are at risk of developing this pattern if you spend a lot time gazing down at a screen.

Every one-inch of forward head posture away from neutral increases the weight of your head on the structures of the neck and upper back by 10 lbs!  A neutral or normal position is when the center of the ears line up directly over the shoulders.

Even though people have traditionally looked down to read and write for a considerable amount of time in a typical office job, they would typically take breaks and assume a normal posture.  With the creation and heavy use of laptop computers, smart phones and tablets, people now spend a lot of their time away from the desk, after work, and weekends looking down at these devices.  This increased strain on the neck over time can lead to various undesirable symptoms or injuries including chronic headaches, upper back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and increased curvature of the upper spine known as kyphosis.

Helpful Tips:

1) Take frequent breaks from your activities.

2) Hold mobile devices at eye level so you are no straining the neck.

3) Do neck stretches and corrective exercises daily

4) Strengthen the back and shoulder muscles 2-3x/week.

5) Incorporate posture centered exercises like yoga or pilates.

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