Questions and Answers About Dynamic Strength Training®

1. What can I expect to happen when I attend a session?

You will be getting fit in a small group of up to eight. Each session is approximately 35-40 minutes long and begins with a 3-4 minute marching warm-up followed by a series of 9-11 personalized exercises including up to 22 timed sets of activity. You’ll use elastic resistance tubing, dumbbells, air-filled stability balls and various balance boards while being coached by a member of our experienced staff.

2. How can one trainer successfully coach multiple people at the same time?

The key to this working successfully is our staff’s ability to effectively use verbal and visual cues. These help everyone attain the proper body position on any exercise and maintain or correct it during a set. Also, by timing the length of each set, we are able to have everyone start and stop each motion as a cohesive team.

3. Can I benefit from this program if I’m a bit older and have never exercised very much?

Yes, you can. Clients in our studio range from 20-90 years of age. The exercises selected, along with their application, are safe and effective, but progressively more challenging as you develop more body awareness. Research shows that muscles don’t know age, only the connective tissues (ligaments and tendons) do. Everyone can and will get stronger and improve their mobility, balance and posture. Consistency is the key factor for success.

4. Will elastic resistance tubing really work me hard enough to make a difference in my physique?

Yes. Keep in mind that our muscles don’t know what’s in our hands when we’re performing an exercise. They only know they have to contract with enough force to overcome the resistance the tubing is creating against the body. Additionally, with tubing we are able to challenge ourselves with an infinite variety of exercises since it can be securely anchored from all directions. Your strength challenges can range from as little as 2 lbs all the way up to 90 lbs!

5. I travel often for business or pleasure. Will this type of program still benefit me?

You’ll definitely benefit if you remain consistent with up to three workout sessions per week while you’re at home. It’s also highly recommended that you purchase a strength level set of elastic resistance tubing that includes our instructional DVD and e-book, “Where The Rubber Meets The Road”. This will give you the opportunity to maintain your program on some level while you’re away from home and your Dynamic Strength Training® sessions.