Keeping You On the Path to Success With Our Concierge Coaching Service

When you select personalized fitness service with The Dynamic Advantage Team, expect more than just one-on-one private coaching sessions.  For a single, all-inclusive monthly rate you’ll also receive an invitation to participate in our highly-regarded small group, Dynamic Strength Training program as it fits your schedule.  Additionally your strategic plan for success will include the following perks:

  • Ongoing weekly program design
  • Tracking and interpreting of weekly results
  • Dietary guidance and monitoring, as requested
  • Exercise equipment recommendation including one complementary, complete Strength Level Set of portable Dynamic Strength Training gear for using anywhere in the world plus one air-filled stability ball for home-based exercise programming

Simply select a level of service including a base of up to four (4), eight (8) or (12) twelve private coaching sessions/month with a member of our staff.  This usually results in 1x, 2x or 3x/week of 45-60 minute Dynamic Strength Training routines using elastic resistance tubing, dumbbells, stability balls and balancing gear.  Each exercise tool has variable degrees of difficulty to match your ability and energy as you progress over time. 

If you’re ready to consistently challenge yourself and are prepared to make a smart investment in your health and conditioning, this is what we recommend.  We want to offer you continuous motivation, support and encouragement.

After a complimentary consultation where you’ll meet with one of the owners to discuss your specific situation and try out some of our sample programming and coaching style, we’ll invite you to try us out for a month.  If you really enjoy your total experience with us and wish to continue, we have some special offers for longer commitments to the process.

Please call us at 626-314-2588 to discover how you can get started.  We want to earn the right to be your professional fitness team…for life!