Special Offer to “Get On The Ball”

Are you looking for a simple solution for flattening your stomach, strengthening your muscles and bones plus improving your core strength without a lot of equipment?  If so, try boosting your fitness with nothing more than a burst-resistant, air-filled stability ball and our 56 page, illustrated e-book, “Get On The Ball”.  You’ll be able to challenge yourself with one of three routines.  Try the “Quick Fix (four exercises), the “Power” (eight exercises) or the “Reach For The Summit” (thirteen exercises) workouts based on your available time, energy or goal.

You’ll learn the following details about each exercise:

***The exact muscles emphasized

***The correct setup and starting position

***How to stabilize the rest of our body prior to beginning each motion

***The safest, most effective path of motion and range of motion

The stability ball and the instructional, fully illustrated e-book can be yours for only $59!  (regularly $79).  We’ll even inflate your ball for you if you live locally and want to come by for a little hot air!  (Must come by the facility for pick up to avoid shipping/handling fees. Please call us first at 626-314-2588 to be sure a member of our team is in the house.)