Olivia Gaines

Introducing Our New Team Member, Olivia Gaines
Admin Manager/Brand Ambassador

Olivia, aka “Liv”, joined our team in November 2017 and handles your billing, scheduling, and most behind the screens communication for your fitness needs at The Dynamic Advantage. She is an Eagle Rock native, cancer survivor, and an award-winning writer who is “still learning how to use a comma!” Her entry point and primary inspiration for working in the TDA office stems from the support she received from her initial Dynamic Strength Training sessions at Cancer Support Community in Pasadena, CA.  Liv says, ”I was at a place where I couldn’t afford NOT to exercise but remained 100% positive I wasn’t going to dead-lift or down-dog anything due to the fact I didn’t have enough strength to open my gas tank.”

With a cancer diagnosis under her belt, and 22 years as an Eagle Rock native, we knew Liv was a unique fit for our 22nd year of Dynamic Strength Training!  After attending a handful of DST sessions through Cancer Support Community, she finally found an exercise system that met her needs. Her obvious passion to keep life moving combined with her past training as an outdoor wilderness guide and TEDx presentation organizer prepares her for the everyday opportunity to share the strength of our programs with other young adults experiencing cancer through social media and speaking at conferences.

“Until Dynamic Strength Training,” she admits, “I didn’t have the confidence or the understanding that there was a way for me to safely get stronger, while being consistently challenged, without draining my energy.”  Liv believes it’s only a matter of time until medical professionals will prescribe exercise medicine, like The Dynamic Advantage offers, as mandatory to prevent a host of injuries, illnesses, and procedures, and Liv will be ready to fill out the paperwork when it happens.  Until then, she is ready to assist you in reserving your next session before her return to a university setting to complete her training in marketing & documentary film-making.