Client Of the Month-April 2013

Mjanetwongeet Janet Wong from Glendale. We met her in 1997 at a health fair we hosted in La Canada. Another client, Susie Tanahashi, referred her to us. Janet was a 50-something year old youngster at the time who was dealing with right shoulder pain resulting from a condition known as frozen shoulder. She had been through six months of very painful therapy and didn’t want to go through that again.

In her 40’s, she ran three miles 4x/week, took Jazzercise classes and later started walking four miles 4-5x/week. She had not, however, gotten involved in any type of muscle strengthening program.

Well, fast-forward almost 16 years and Janet is now stronger than ever before and her shoulder feels great! She can challenge her back muscles with up to 65 lbs of resistance on a lat row exercise and perform dumbbell squats with 21-24 lb dumbbells. As a member of two Dynamic Strength Training groups for the majority of her years with us, Janet says, “I can now hold onto heavier packages than my 46yr old daughter. My endurance level has also improved over the years because of my training.”

Janet goes on to say, ‘There’s no question that my family loves to see me keep active. They can see that I haven’t slowed down despite the fact that I just turned 75!…I can’t stop. I’ve got to keep on going.”

Thanks, Janet for being The Dynamic Advantage’s Client of the Month.