Meet Bruce Smith – Our December Client of the Month

DST 18Bruce started exercising with The Dynamic Advantage in January of 2013. He met Rick Caputo at a Cancer Support Community Dynamic Strength Training session where he was working toward rebuilding his strength after undergoing a stem-cell transplant treatment for a chronic form of leukemia. When it became clear that a second transplant was necessary, he realized how critical it was for him to get on a plan that would boost his muscle mass and energy while preparing him for the rigors of this procedure. So far, he is happy to report that the second transplant has been more successful than the first one!

Bruce says that his twice-weekly Dynamic Strength Training program has resulted in greater upper body strength and more flexibility in his spine along with a heightened awareness of his shoulder and abdominal muscles.

Before joining The Dynamic Advantage, his main form of exercise was hiking. Bruce says, “ I still do that on an almost daily basis, but this program has improved my lung capacity and leg strength which has enhanced my enjoyment of a form of exercise I’ve always loved doing”.

Bruce has said that he always comes away from his workouts on a psychological high. “Whatever the cause of these good feelings, I genuinely look forward to these sessions – a situation very different from my usual attitude to exercise.”

Bruce has continued to progressively excel every month throughout his first year of Dynamic Strength Training. Here’s wishing him many more years of energy, vitality and improving health!