Client of the Month-June 2013

Meet Our Client of the Month!!! Jo Westervelt!

Jo Westervelt 4

We first met Jo in the summer of 1998 at Gold’s Gym in Pasadena, where she had been with another trainer for a while. When he left the area, she was referred to us. We are extremely thankful for that!

Jo has exercised privately with us two or three days/week since August of 1998. When asked why she remains consistent and committed to her program, she was quick to say, “In a word, VANITY! On a more serious note, throughout my life, my beautiful mother modeled the importance of exercising to look and feel good. A year before her death at 92, she was still pulling on her leotards three times a week to lead a summer exercise class.”

Jo has kept her body in a lean and strong state while being challenged with a fractured arm, lung cancer and sciatica over the last several years. She has overcome every obstacle and is at the top of the food chain with her strength accomplishments. She can perform squats with up to 37.5lb dumbbells and challenge her back muscles with up to 80lbs on a lat row exercise with tubing. Her balancing exploits are at the top of the mountain, too, and she is an avid hill-climbing walker.

Jo has helped us build our fitness team by referring Sandra Rulec and Julie Clayton to The Dynamic Advantage. Additionally, she says, “I’ve even been able to overcome my resistance to not being a morning person, thanks to my early morning sessions with Marlene Maroun-Flowers. It’s those affirming ‘you can do it’s!’ and encouraging ‘One and you’re done’s!’ that make it easier for me to accomplish more than I ever thought was possible.”