Client of the Month-July 2013

Here’s Vicki Schiller-Our July Client of the MonthVicki Biceps

Vicki has come a long way since she started getting fit with us back in August of 2011.  She presently comes to two Dynamic Strength Training sessions every week.  When she came to us, she said “I’ve never really been a person who gravitated to exercise other than a little walking”.  Vicki had been dealing with fibromyalgia, a condition that causes widespread muscle and bone pain along with persistent fatigue.

As an owner of the Salon Pascual beauty salon in Pasadena for many years, she had to do everything possible to summon the energy to stay on her feet all day and manage the challenges of running a business.  She never thought about participating in a formal exercise program because of the pain created whenever she tried to become too active, even at work.  It wasn’t until one of her clients (and ours), Janice Corsino, told her about The Dynamic Advantage and how good the exercise made her feel.  Vicki said, “Janice begged me to try strength training because she was able to see the benefits from her own training.  That motivated me to make that first call.”

Vicki goes on to say, “I love that the trainers help you to become your best self.  I love feeling stronger and more balanced plus I love the quiet atmosphere.  My children are so proud of me for the commitment I’ve made to better my health.  The support, guidance and encouragement have made my commitment achievable.”

We thank Vicki for her persistence and consistency.- Keep it up V!