Dynamic Strength Training Plus

Looking for an extra challenge? Try Dynamic Strength Training Plus!

We are proud to offer Dynamic Strength Training Plus! Get the amazing great Dynamic Strength Training, the same high quality professional personal training in a small group setting only 50% longer and more intense than our traditional Dynamic Strength training sessions. Whereas Dynamic Strength Training sessions last 30-40 minutes and consist of a full body workout of 20-22 sets, a Dynamic Strength Training Plus workout comprises 32-36 sets including more advanced variations of several exercises. This provides a more rigorous workout for those seeking an even greater challenge.

As within all our workouts, session sizes are eight clients or less, enabling you to receive individual attention and instruction every time. Our highly experienced professional trainers can personalize the workout to meet the specific requirements and accommodate any needs or issues that you may have, so that you can safely work out with the consistency and confidence necessary to make real, significant gains.
Achieve more success, at a faster rate, at any age with Dynamic Strength Training Plus! This session is currently available on Tuesday evenings at 5pm as an addition to Unlimited Dynamic Strength Training (for only $40/month more) or $149/month by itself (for one session/week).