Clients of the Month – Sharon Bassett and Pat Giermann

13325513_1136764069677898_1852935670881344598_nIt was back on November 30, 2007 when Sharon Bassett and Pat Giermann took the advice of another client and decided that The Dynamic Advantage was the place for them to get in shape as they moved down the age timeline.  Since then, they have trained with their coaches in every setting, including solo, Dynamic Strength Training small groups and now, as a dynamic duo!

The ladies have made a commitment to train three days per week in order to keep their lives on track.  Pat says, “I’m more flexible, stronger and less afraid to try something physical.  I feel closer to how I moved and felt 10 to 15 years ago thanks to Rick and Brandon’s ability to adjust the program as my body changes.  I’m significantly stronger and I’ve lost 20 pounds since I started.  I can move and pick up heavy things, play with my dog, Sadie and overall, rely on my body more than ever before.”

Sharon has also made remarkable progress over the years.  She has rebounded from major shoulder surgery as well as a broken thigh bone resulting from a fall last year.  While these orthopedic issues have been temporary set backs, she has been able to recover from them each time with a high level of persistence and determination to return to her previous level of conditioning.  Sharon states, “I have also lost 50 pounds since I began my training program.  Additionally, I really appreciate the breadth of knowledge and the way the trainers translate their knowledge into clear, practical, doable applications.”

Pat and Sharon say that they can’t bear the thought of being dependent, immobilized and unable to accomplish their activities of daily life.  Both ladies say they really enjoy the team environment in the studio.  “We classmates know each other, have light, easy social interactions that make us feel part of the whole team.  This is very important to us as we age and DST (Dynamic Strength Training) provides this quite naturally.” says the dynamic duo.

Here’s wishing Sharon and Pat many more years of strength, independence and confidence as they continue their journey down the road to fitness!