Clients of the Month – December & January

Meet Our Clients of the Month – Joni and John Crummett

It was 2007 when Joni Crummett decided hip hingeshe needed to exercise on a more regular basis, other than just walking. She was leaning toward Pilates when she discovered The Dynamic Advantage through an ad in the local Clipper Magazine. She came in for  a consultation with Brandon Flowers and committed herself to a 2x/week Dynamic Strength Training program. Four years later, she convinced her husband, John to join formally since, “he was already going to sessions at The Cancer Support Community that were taught by Brandon and Rick”.

Joni also says, “We both have been very happy with our experiences. The staff has even adapted their exercises to meet our individual needs such as frozen shoulders, a torn rotator cuff (pre and post surgery) plus wrist and hand issues. The flexibility of making up classes has been important to us and is a big positive.”

Joni and John have boosted their strength, mobility and balance significantly since they began the program. In some instances, their resistance levels have increased by 250-300% from where they started. This dynamic couple has even helped inspire others to get active. Joni stated, “We recommended The Dynamic Advantage to my good friend and former co-worker, Nancy Benson. She’s very appreciative of how they adapt the exercises to her personal needs, even in a group setting”.

The Crummetts say they enjoy being coached by every member of the staff plus, “Jazzy, the office manager is a delight to deal with. She’s always upbeat and has a smile.” Joni and John say they look forward to a long and healthy retirement with the help of the on-going sessions! The Dynamic Strength Training program thrives with members like the Crummetts. Here’s wishing them many, many more years of fitness experiences along with the freedom a fit body can bring.