Client of the Quarter- Jerry Minor

Jerry says that since he started with this fitness program, his “energy level and attitude have improved significantly”.  As he pauses to think about what has changed about his body since he started Dynamic Strength Training (DST) in Eagle Rock, he says, “My strength has improved by about 15% over the last year.  It’s much easier to start my day with a bounce and a smile because I’m leaner, my posture is much better and my back pain is gone!”

When asked why he keeps coming consistently, two days per week, Jerry replied, “I really enjoy the efficient, organized sessions and I’m impressed by the quality of the instruction.  All I can say in the end is thanks for running such a good enterprise!  I really enjoy, and need DST!”

We met Jerry a couple of years ago at the Cancer Support Community in Pasadena where he was attending the Dynamic Strength Training program with his wife, Bess.  Jerry is a well-traveled young man due to his worldwide adventures as a pilot.  He flew military aircraft during Vietnam and afterwards he joined the airlines and flew for Boeing as well as the Saudi Royal family as an instructor and pilot over a 30 year career.  Jerry says, “I was a great pilot!  Fun, fast and always on time.  I still have all of my flying licenses and feel like I can fly any plane at any time.”

The Dynamic Advantage is proud to have met Jerry Minor and had the opportunity to make such an impact on his life!  We look forward to many more years of helping him stay fit enough to enter those airplane cockpits as he continues his travels around the globe.