Client of The Month – October & November 2014

Meet Our Client of the Month – Mac Reid

macMac Reid has been a leader in our Dynamic Strength Training program for almost ten years.  After watching his wife, Anita continue making gains in her fitness level over the previous two years, he thought it was time to get off the sidelines and enter the game. He has been consistently training in one or two Dynamic Strength Training groups twice weekly since January 2005.  During the last 9.75 years, he has increased his strength substantially.  Initially, he was doing a squat lift for his legs and hips with 10-12.5lb dumbbells. Since then, he has increased this total to a maximum load of 40lb dumbbells on his best days!

He regularly does ball abdominal crunches with an 8-10lb dumbbell while exhibiting excellent technique.


Mac says he’s been exercising for over 50 years, but he says, “My consistent strength and balance training have had a significant impact on my brain power and my ability to think.  I have also been able to recover more quickly from several surgical procedures. I’ve even written a book during my time with The Dynamic Advantage.”


Another significant benefit of his personal training program has been “meeting and working out with the other exercisers.”  Mac states, “I enjoy them very much. I also love the way the trainers and the office staff make me feel every time I’m with them”.


We thank and appreciate Mac for his commitment and are extremely proud of his accomplishments so far!  Here’s a toast to the next ten years of success for him.