Client of the Month May 2016

Meet Power Couple and Clients of the Month

Wayne & Michele Anderson


It’s not often when a married couple exercises together for an extended period of time. We have been fortunate to have our clients of the month, Michele and Wayne Anderson, doing just that for eight years! They are two of the strongest members of our fitness family. The Andersons were referred to us by current client and long time friend, Marilyn Sell.

Michele said, “Some of our friends had already been going to DST (Dynamic Strength Training) and when we all decided to start golfing, Wayne and I thought we would join the program to be better prepared to play. That was one of the best decisions we have made.”

Michele used to play many sports with her boys when they were young but realized it was important to get back into shape when they got older and grew out of this stage of life. She also realized the significant benefit of her program anytime she suffered a sprain or strain. “Rick and Brandon have always adjusted the exercises to accommodate an injury until it healed. I thank them and the other trainers for making me a more fit person”.Andersons 1

Wayne has been athletic his entire life. He has participated in swimming, soccer, horseback riding, skiing and golf through the years. In fact, he was a member of the USC swim team and represented the United States in the 1964 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

Wayne says, “When I retired, I wanted to keep being fit while enjoying all of my existing activities. When I was introduced to DST by my friends, I felt that this system would be beneficial and fill a void in my exercise routine. I’m very glad I’ve continued for eight years. I’m very appreciative of Brandon, Rick, Marlene, Craig and Greg for their proven skills as teachers and coaches”.

The Dynamic Advantage is proud of the success and accomplishments the Andersons have achieved throughout the years. Here’s to many more years of athletic feats, continued strength and endurance!