Client of the Month – June & July 2014

Meet Our Client of the Month – Christine AlderetteChris 3

This month, we recognize Christine and introduce you to her as she tells us what she’s accomplishing through her personal Dynamic Strength Training program.

I just had my one-year anniversary with The Dynamic Advantage in May. Before starting my training program, I was in the process of recovering from a very severe multiple sclerosis attack. On a day that I was feeling better, I was having lunch with my mother at a nearby restaurant. We happened to walk by The Dynamic Advantage and I saw that it was a fitness training center. Before my M. S. attack, I had been very active and was going to the gym on a regular basis-for years. I knew that because of the attack, it wasn’t safe for me to work out by myself anymore.

So, when I first spoke with Brandon, he told me that their trainers specialize in helping people recovering from various injuries and illnesses and that they were very knowledgeable about my condition. Brandon explained the type of training program that I would be engaging in – which as a former gym rat, sounded very appealing to me. I took advantage of the free consultation they were offering and I’ve been hooked ever since!

One of the things I’ve liked most about my coaches is that the workouts are customized for me and my abilities. What is great about my one-on-one training sessions is the close monitoring I receive to ensure that I’m doing every exercise correctly so I’m getting the maximum benefit. Rick and Brandon are awesome! They have taught me (along with my neurologist) a lot about my condition and why I’m having the challenges I’m experiencing but, more importantly, how to overcome my physical limitations.

My endurance, strength and mobility have improved tremendously. I still have more work to do, but I’m a lot closer to getting back to the way I was. I move faster and I feel good. My husband says he notices more muscle definition in my arms, legs, back and stomach.

Recently, I was out with my sister, mother and cousin walking through a farmers market. My sister told me to slow down because keeping up with me was as much work as chasing after her five year old twin boys! – I would absolutely recommend The Dynamic Advantage to anyone – not just people with physical challenges, but also for people who want to get in shape and feel better.