Client of the Month – January 2014

Meet Our Client of the Month for January – Jennifer MacLeanJM10

It was January 2013 when Jennifer came to The Dynamic Advantage looking for some “nice, wildlife-free indoor workouts”.  She had experienced random coyote sightings in her neighborhood that made consistent walking for cardiovascular benefits a bit treacherous, plus she was lacking the willpower to even prioritize this in her life.

When Jennifer started her training program, she initially believed that, “Well, it’s something, but I guess I’ll have to sweat it up someplace else.”  Since strength training had never been part of her exercise routine in the past, she wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

Over the past year, Jennifer has joined and consistently participated in two Dynamic Strength Training® group sessions each week, resulting in her back getting in much better shape than it has ever been in before.  She really appreciates this since she has two young children who, “love to use me as a jungle gym”.  Additionally, last spring, she injured her shoulder in an unrelated activity but due to the modifications received during her program, she was able to safely continue and keep coming back.

She goes on to say that, “I love that all the trainers have their own distinct personalities and they also try to keep the atmosphere light.  I am regularly inspired by my other workout mates who, while older than me, are often smiling when they pick up 25lb dumbbells and do squats.  I’m still working my way up to the 15s so I am a firm believer in this program!”

The Dynamic Advantage team congratulates Jennifer on her accomplishments achieved during her first year of programming.  Here’s wishing her an even better second year.