Client of the month

Meet our Client of the Month – Jonah Ray Rodrigues


Having a business in the Los Angeles area offers exposure to people from all walks of life.  This month, The Dynamic Advantage recognizes Jonah Ray, a young man who has developed a unique career as a comedic actor, writer and producer.  Here’s a little Question & Answer session with Jonah about his experience with Dynamic Strength Training


**How long have you been training with The Dynamic Advantage?

**Jonah: For about five months now.


**What made you decide to try out this form of personal fitness training?

**Jonah:  I wanted a local place to work out that didn’t involved getting screamed at by a Crossfit trainer.  After consulting with Brandon, I really liked the low-tech approach to getting a good, simple, quality workout.


**What do you enjoy most about your training sessions?

**Jonah: Being done with them!  Ask my trainer, Marlene.  I have a disgruntled face the whole time.  But, contrary to that, I really do love working out here.


**How do you feel about the quality of your coaching?

**Jonah: I give it a 10 out of 10!  Marlene is great.  She knows how to push me the right way.  I’ve even referred others to try this program out. – Who knows, soon the gym might be filled with hipsters like me!


**What has changed about your body since you started Dynamic Strength Training?

**Jonah: I have muscles!  I stand up straight!  I don’t feel TOO bad about the occasional pizza slice.  I also haven’t fallen once since I started so my balance must be improving as well.


**Are you stronger?  How has strength changed your life?

**Jonah: I am much stronger and yard work has become a breeze thanks to the stamina I’ve built up here.


**Have you gotten any leaner?

**Jonah: My wife says I have, and I’ve gotta trust her!


The Dynamic Advantage thanks Jonah for his intensity, dedication and commitment to keeping himself active and energized with us!