Client of the Month – August & September 2014

Meet Our Client of the Month – Julie Clayton


Julie was referred to us back in June 2012 and 1JULIEcame in reporting that her balance was not nearly as stable as it should be plus she was consistently battling sciatic nerve pain.  Additionally, she had started to lose muscular strength and bone density through the years.


With her instability and susceptibility to falling, her risk of suffering a potentially serious injury always loomed large.   She liked to stay involved in many activities and had the desire to travel whenever possible, so staying upright was a huge plus!


Julie trains in a hybrid fitness program.  She has one 45-minute private training session each week with Marlene Maroun-Flowers in addition to two, weekly Dynamic Strength Training group sessions primarily with Marlene and Craig Schoenbaum.  This combination program has led to her reporting many benefits.  She says, “My balance has improved.  I feel much stronger due to the training.  My body has firmed up and my sciatica has never returned.  I have no problems in any part of my body.”


Julie is an inspiration to many people who believe that it is too late to achieve benefits such as these.  She says she has told many of her friends about The Dynamic Advantage and plans to continue doing so as she progresses through her third year of fitness training.—Thanks, Julie for your dedication, commitment and consistency!