Client of the Month – April & May 2014

Meet Our Clients of the Month – Shirley Donovan and Audrey Adolph

Shirley and Audrey have been part of The Dynamic Advantage family for a combined 30 years!


They are on a twice-weekly group training program. Shirley met Brandon in 1995 at Gold’s Gym in Pasadena when another former client referred her to him. Audrey was recruited by Shirley in 2003 to give Dynamic Strength Training a try. After 11+ years, she is still pulling and pushing her way to a stronger, more fit physique.

Shirley had been previously diagnosed with osteopenia, the precursor to osteoporosis. This was a condition that affected her older sister and her mother. She said, “It was critical that I find a solution to slow down or even reverse the process.” Having never done any resistance exercise before, the prospect of entering into a testosterone-filled environment to find a solution to her problem was daunting to say the least. Thankfully, she overcame this initial hesitation to become much stronger and improve her posture significantly. She has become a busy local realtor and, “with the help of Brandon, Rick, Marlene and Craig plus medication, I have had no signs of either osteopenia or osteoporosis for about five years. My doctors are ecstatic! Their advice is to keep up that training.”

Audrey came to The Dynamic Advantage with a back issue resulting from a car accident years prior. She also knew that her balance and strength were not as good as she liked. Since she is a caring, doting grandmother of several small little ones, it was also important that she develop the ability to safely pick them up while they were growing. Over the years, her balancing abilities have greatly improved as well as her strength. She’s progressed to the point where she can perform a lat row back exercise with up to 45lbs! Audrey says, “I needed qualified, skilled, caring instructors who wouldn’t aggravate my back and I found them here. I also needed set times to exercise so I wouldn’t allow other pursuits to interfere with my progress”. Audrey never thought she would last this long with her program based on her past history of joining and quitting several other health clubs. Other welcomed bonuses for her are the numerous friendships she has developed since her arrival.

The Dynamic Advantage proudly recognizes and thanks Shirley and Audrey for their commitment and trust in our team!