I have seen major improvements in my athletic ability!

My name is Matthew Keyawa. I am 25 years old and work at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the Power and Sensor Electronics Department. I am an avid runner, biker, and water skier. I have been attending Rick and Brandon’s strength training program twice a week for about a year and have seen major improvements in my athletic ability. One of my major weaknesses has been my lower body strength: … [Read more...]

I am so happy to celebrate 10 years with Dynamic Strength Training (DST)!

Dear The Dynamic Advantage, I am so happy to celebrate 10 years with Dynamic Strength Training (DST)! Your enthusiastic, nurturing, inspirational approach and professionalism have added a wonderful dimension to my life, and the years have passed so very quickly. I credit you with increasing my ability to withstand the rigors of working as a residential real estate agent and to keep those … [Read more...]

I am now more fit, more energetic and stronger than ever!

Dear Dynamic Strength Training Team, I am a contamination control engineer and have been taking strength training classes from Brandon and Rick at JPL since July 22, 2003. I feel this training is crucial to maintain our health and is a very important component to any exercise program. Dynamic Strength Training not only helps to build muscles, the program also improves our posture and build … [Read more...]

I feel like I am a young person again. I can run, jump and play sports that I really used to enjoy!

Dear Fitness Team, I have been coming to your Dynamic Strength Training program for about six months now. I would hurt myself in the past when strength training on my own because of bad form, I believe. The regular structure and attention of the professional trainers allows me to progress at a reasonable pace without injury. I am a research scientist who primarily works at a desk. Before … [Read more...]

My physical fitness is far better than it was before this program

Dear Dynamic Training Staff: I joined your program about 4.5 years ago after a lifetime of hardly ever working out or even walking very far. I have become stronger, more agile, and have better balance than I could ever hope. You keep me moving and thinking by gradually building up my body as it wants to deteriorate. I don’t feel 69 but I am! I never think of not coming: I would not be able … [Read more...]

This program has improved the quality of my life!

Dear Marlene, Rick and Brandon, I have been training privately two or three times per week for about 45 minutes/session since July of 2007. I have remained in your program because it is the BEST thing that I’ve done to maintain my well health status. You all provide me with high-quality service while ensuring that I will engage in regular, progressively-meaningful exercise much more … [Read more...]

You are excellent instructors. I really have more energy and enjoy life more!

Dear Brandon, Rick, Marlene and Craig, As far as I can tell from my computer calendar, I first started attending the JPL Dynamic Strength Training program on January 4, 2011, about 1.25 years ago. I have kept coming back so that I can continue the gains of increased energy, endurance, better posture and balance from Dynamic Strength Training. There are lots of studies that show that … [Read more...]

I heartily recommend The Dynamic Advantage to anyone seeking to balance the stress in their lives with something healthy, rewarding and personalized to their needs.

Dear Dynamic Advantage, I started attending Brandon and Rick’s Dynamic Strength Training class at JPL back in 2010 after just having finished a degree program that took me out of my exercise regimen for a few years. Before that, cancer treatments and surgeries had set me back quite a ways already. I’ve always tried to have some kind of exercise routine in my life, but it is difficult to come … [Read more...]

The positive training and encouragement that I received contributed significantly to my rehabilitation

Dear Brandon, Rick, Marlene, and Craig, Almost every day I read how important it is to keep our bodies in motion, and I have experienced this in my own life. I first started coming to Dynamic Strength Training about eleven years ago, a year after I had extensive back surgery. Friends that were already going to the program thought that DST would help me regain my strength. Gradually, and with … [Read more...]

Now my lower back pain is almost non-existent!

I began training with The Dynamic Advantage Fitness Team ten months ago. I came to them not only overweight, but with more aches and pains than you can imagine. My left shoulder had been dislocated in a car accident and was painful and arthritic. The pain and stiffness have decreased and the joint is stronger. My back was very weak and injury-prone since I was born with a curved spine. Now my … [Read more...]

We feel this has been a great success!

We joined a small group with The Dynamic Advantage in 1999 when we were in our late 60's. We wanted to slow the effects of aging - particularly loss of strength, mobility and balance. We have made substantial gains over the past few years so we feel this has been a great success. We enjoy being in a small group where our individual needs can be addressed. In addition, we also notice that we seem … [Read more...]

I have gained in flexibility, in strength, and in balance!

I have been training with you for over two years now and I want to thank you for developing a program that is of great benefit to me personally and to others I have met through it. A friend who thought that I might be helped by it introduced me to your program. They were certainly right! When I started, I was weak after undergoing extensive surgery for scoliosis. I have gained in flexibility, in … [Read more...]

I am much stronger and much less fatigued!

As you know, I have been working out two days a week for the last five years. At 47 years old, I am much stronger and much less fatigued than in my early forties. I'm a busy interventional cardiologist and work 14 hour days on my feet with an extra 20lbs. of weight in the form of a lead apron for x-ray protection. Thanks to you guys, I not only feel better at work, but I have energy when I get … [Read more...]

I believe this has helped me enormously!

I have been using The Dynamic Advantage's system under the direction of Brandon Flowers since 2000. I am 82 years old and have had poor circulation in my legs from arterial surgery five years ago. I believe this has helped me enormously and that Mr. Flowers is an expert in anatomical challenges and a great help to me. J. Hubbard … [Read more...]

I am stronger and leaner than I have ever been!

As an ex-basketball player, I always developed my own aerobic and strength training programs and felt I was the least likely person to need a personal trainer. The last eighteen months I have been proven wrong and learned that by working with Brandon to structure a varied training program using proper techniques and posture, I am stronger and leaner than I have ever been. Utilizing a variety of … [Read more...]

I am happy to report increased energy, strength and encouragement!

Chronic Lymphocitic Leukemia since 1997 has caused a loss of energy and muscle tissue on my arms and upper body. For the past six months, of training with The Dynamic Advantage, I am happy to report increased energy, strength and encouragement to attain greater progress. At 79 years old, I do my housework and gardening while volunteering and engaging in social clubs. E. Nicholson … [Read more...]

The instructors are great!

I drive 25 miles to Dynamic Strength Training sessions every week. They are a blast. I need the exercise for my recovery from prostate cancer. Thank you. The instructors are great! D. Bennett … [Read more...]

Their skills – and their results – have been most impressive!

We felt there was some good evidence that light exercise following chemotherapy would help patients recover faster following their treatments. With the help of the St. Vincent Foundation, we began a weekly session in 1998 for our patients and their families. They do tolerate chemotherapy with less malaise and fatigue. Moreover, they become more confident and focused. Many of our "regulars" share a … [Read more...]

I tell everyone I work with how much I like the program!

I have been training with Rick and Brandon for about a year and a half at work. I feel much stronger than when I started. I can now lift my grandson without my back going out. Also, I have lost about 10 pounds, so I like that. The Dynamic Strength training has been great. The thing I like about the class is that everyone works together. It feels more like a team effort than an individual effort. I … [Read more...]

I’ve been taking strength training for one year and I have benefited in many ways!

I've been taking strength training for one year and I have benefited in many ways. I think the greatest improvement I noticed has been in my tennis game. The balance and strength I've gained have made my returns more accurate, more fluid and stronger. The trainers are good at changing the routines slightly to keep the program interesting and beneficial. I definitely spread the word about this … [Read more...]