Client of the Month-August & September 2013

Meet our client of the month – Bob Rulec!biceps 2
Bob started training with us in October 2011 when his wife, Sandra, who had been with The Dynamic Advantage for one year, thought he could benefit from receiving some proper direction, guidance and motivation to help him stay fit.

Bob is an architect who spends many long hours bent over a drafting table or a computer keyboard. Fortunately, for his back’s sake, he also enjoys refereeing soccer games for AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) in Arcadia.

He initially started out his program with two private training sessions/week, but after the first year, he became one of our hybrid clients by keeping one private session and joining a Dynamic Strength Training group on a second day. Bob says that what he values most about his private training is that he “knows that he’s doing the right exercises the right way”. He also says, “I have much better balance than before I began.”

As far as what he thinks about his group training he says, “I’m in good company, getting a good workout and since I usually come in on Friday afternoons, I’m getting a great start to the weekend.”

Bob and Sandra just celebrated 33 years of marriage. We congratulate them on this great accomplishment and wish them many, many more years together!