Client of the Month – July/August 2015

IMG_3554.JPG -25When you receive a cancer diagnosis, your perspective on life immediately changes.  This happened to Mary back in 2000.  We met her at the first ever Return To Wellness program at Arcadia Methodist Hospital.  This was an eight-week grant-funded program that was a partnership between the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the Cancer Support Community of Pasadena.   Mary came there looking for some of the emotional guidance and physical conditioning she hoped would start her journey toward recovery.

The exercise portion of the program included yoga and Dynamic Strength Training.  Mary says, “From the beginning, I loved it and knew I needed to continue this type of activity for the rest of my life.”

She has done exactly that.  After graduating from Return To Wellness, Mary came to The Dynamic Advantage in early 2002 to start a twice-weekly group training program with 5-7 others.  To date, after 13 years, she is one of the strongest women to ever go through Dynamic Strength Training.  Her squat lift has been as much as 60lbs with a pair of 30lb dumbbells.  Her back muscles can lift as much as 75lbs with multiple pieces of elastic resistance tubing.  These are amazing feats of strength for a person of her “young” age!

Mary adds, “The Dynamic Advantage has transformed my life.  I am cancer-free.  My energy, strength, balance and posture are all much better.  My body is toned and I feel younger.  A significant side benefit has been the dramatic increase in my confidence.  I can travel, take hikes, walk laps around the Rose Bowl and play golf on a regular basis while staying energized.”  She goes on to say, “I really enjoy the studio’s environment.  Our trainers are knowledgeable, caring and fun.  They work with you on a personal level.  It’s also a joy to meet and be around so many other healthy people.”

We proudly recognize Mary Frey for everything she has and continues to accomplish.  She is an inspiration to others through the results she’s achieving, her commitment and her uplifting personality.